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Finally, I am done! My first blog post’s live on the internet. Don’t go by the title, I’m not going to teach you a language or something. Calling it a maiden post would do :D

It was on my mind to write a blog since a long time ago but time constraint (laziness) didn’t allow. So, I was back in my dorm room after a hectic week when I decided to do something productive - something that I’ve been thinking to do since long and that’s when the idea of writing a blog struck me. I’ve always had a keen interest in building things, developing software/applications and learning new programming languages. Recently, I’ve been following up articles over the web laying emphasis upon developers to write blogs for healthy coding. While I was pondering over what to write, my eyes got stuck at the medium sized whiteboard on the wall on which was written - Jekyll.

Where to write?

I’ve found this interesting thing over the internet by the name Jekyll. I really liked its idea - static web pages, fast, reliable and on top of that, secure as there were no databases involved. I had been thinking to try it out too - giving me some inside into Markdown and Liquid templating. And did I mention, it’s blog aware! Using its basic theme and some terminal commands, you can have your blog up and running within a few minutes! So, there were no second thoughts regarding where to write! Since I wanted to build it up myself, it took me some time to learn the basic structure of Jekyll which I shall cover up in my upcoming posts.

How did it go?

While learning, it had been just like a cakewalk - following up the steps - change, commit, push and voila we have a basic but not so good looking blog! And here is when opensource comes to save us! I decided to take up a previous work, change it according to my needs - since now I know the directory structure in which Jekyll works. But that wasn’t easy enough. Due to different version of Jekyll, some times I was frustrated enough to leave it but it was the end result that acted as a driving force to keep me working. But here I am writing this blog post at 3 a.m. with DeathNote soundtrack playing in the background and satisfaction in the heart!

I shall discuss the technicalities in some later blog post, you should try it too. See you then !

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